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Thu - 19 Mar 2020 - 12:31 PM ،،،

 Unidentified gunmen assassinated in the early hours of Thursday, the bodyguard of the security chief of Lahj province.

According to security officials and local news websites, the incident took place in Dar Saad district, south Aden governorate where the soldier Mustafa Al-Haddi was shot dead by unknown gunmen driving by in an old car as showed by security cameras of a nearby hotel.

Al-Haddi was one of the soldiers who fought for restoring peace, security and stability to Lahj province.

Mr. Adel al-Shabahi, the representative of the Department for Foreign Affairs of the Southern Transitional Council, wrote on his in a Twitter account that "the incident was part of a series of assassinations targeting officers and members of the southern armed forces."

"The operation was geared by certain political parties that use murders to achieve their goals." the STC official added.