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 Former Yemeni Prime Minister and Advisor to the President, Eng. Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas said that the unity between North and South is over and it's the main reason for the current crisis in Yemen.

In an interview with Abu Dhabi TV Channel, Al-Attas said today that four years of fighting is enough for souls to calm down and for minds to return to lasting peace for addressing all the issues.

Al-Attas expressed a sense of optimism over the UN-sponsored Stockholm agreement between Yemen's government and the Houthi coupist militia, stressed the need to make it a new start for peace, pointing out that the collapse of the Sweden agreement is a disaster for Yemen.

He praised the role played by the Southerners (Hirak and resistance) in driving out the pro-Iran coupist militias and thwarting their plans to seize the coasts of the South.

He also touched on the peace and partnership agreement signed in September 2014 between the legitimate government and the Houthis, saying that if the Houthis were committed to it they would be able to govern even in a certain area, but they had been pushed to break the agreement for controlling over entire Yemen. He Considers the current war in the North is between the Northerners themselves.

Al-Attas stressed the need for southerners to get united under one political leadership.