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Sat - 15 Feb 2020 - 02:42 AM ،،،


 Houthi militias continued to violate the truce in Hodeidah. The Giants Brigades said the militias re-bombed the 22 May Hospital in Hodeidah city.

“The combined forces [the Giants Brigades, the National Resistance, and the Tuhami] have inflicted heavy losses against the militias in terms of equipment and lives as violent clashes erupted when the they attempted to infiltrate and attack the forces deployed east of the city of Ad-Durayhimi, south of Hodeidah,” they said.

Meanwhile, the Houthi-run Saba news agency acknowledged that six militia commanders were killed in recent battles with the government forces.

It said the funerals of Col. Abd al-Latif Saleh al-Ghafari, Col. Moeen Abdullah Merhi, Col. Abd al-Badi Abd al-Rab al-Houthi and Col. Ali Yahya al-Wajih were held in Sanaa on Wednesday, while the funerals of Brig. Yahya Abdel Jabbar Hassan Jahdan and Brig. Abdullah Muhammad Anash took place on Tuesday.

The news agency said the officers were "killed while defending national sovereignty” without specifying on which battlefield they were killed.