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Sat - 08 Feb 2020 - 07:41 PM ،،،

 Hundreds of people took to the streets of Mori area in Socotra governorate on Saturday, in protest against the provocative move made by Islah-linked troops in the island with the view to intimidating the inhabitants.

The demonstration displayed the people's anger and their resentment toward using live bullets and heavy weapons to deliberately terrorize the inhabitants of Socotra.

The protestors chanted slogans against the presence of Muslim Brotherhood-linked troops in the archipelago, affirming their rejection of the violence and attempts by Islah Party to impose a fait accompli by force.

Frequent demonstrations took place throughout the island in the recent period in protest against Islah party, the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and demanding an end to the administrative disorder and chaotic governance, stressing the need to change the head of authority in Socotra with the one who is trustworthy and acceptable in the local community.