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Fri - 07 Dec 2018 - 09:45 PM ،،،


 UAE and Sudan armed forces specialist teams, as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, have continued demining operations to remove landmines laid out by Houthi militias in civilian populated areas.

The minesweeping and demining focus areas include populated civilian infrastructure, roads and farmland across liberated regions of the Red Sea Coast in Yemen.

A member of the UAE Armed Forces has said that the Arab Coalition forces are working together to remove mines deliberately planted by the Iranian backed Houthi militias in areas that could lead to maximum injuries and fatalities, including roads, school buildings and other civilian-populated infrastructure in clear violation of international laws and conventions.

Another engineering soldier in the UAE Armed Forces explained that mine clearing operations include neutralising landmines and improvised explosive devices, IEDs, in remote areas, away from civilians.

A member of the Sudanese forces confirmed that Houthi militias plant mines to cause the greatest damage to civilian life and property, depriving Yemeni individuals of access to their farmlands. The Arab Coalition is working to restore stability and safety to Yemeni civilians, via the swift and safe removal of the mines, allowing for freedom of movement, they added.

Iran-backed Houthi militias have, on numerous occasions, used various types of IEDs, that take on different shapes and forms, including large boulder-like devices camouflaged to look like any typical rock, tangles of wires, or regular day-to-day items that can be rigged with explosives to cause the maximum possible damage to civilian life and property. The IEDs are either supplied directly from Iran or developed by Iranian insurgents in Yemen.