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Thu - 06 Dec 2018 - 07:56 PM ،،،


 Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen, Mohamed al-Jaber, who heads the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, said - in a direct respond to a UN statement which said that Yemenis needs are expected to worsen next year – that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have donated one billion US dollars to UN agencies, but that only 40 percent of that sum was spent.

The Saudi diplomat added in a tweet on Thursday, that the kingdom announced at the beginning of this month an additional grant of $500 million to Yemen.

Refuting by quoting figures the claims of UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock, that the Yemeni humanitarian situation and the people’s needs will worsen next year, al-Jaber reminded the official that Saudi Arabia injected $2.2 bln into the Yemeni central bank which led to the revival of the Yemeni Riyal 100 percent against the dollar, in addition to providing oil derivative products for electricity plants in the country.

On Tuesday, the UN said that the humanitarian crisis in Yemen will worsen in 2019, warning that the number of Yemenis who will need food aid will rise by four million.

Lowcock told reporters in Geneva that “the country with the biggest problem in 2019 is going to be Yemen,” adding that the UN was providing food aid to three million people per month in 2017.

He added that this number rose to eight million people monthly this year, expecting it to reach 12 million in 2019.