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Wed - 05 Dec 2018 - 06:46 PM ،،،

 The Yemeni Oil company has opened three newly restored gas stations in Aden today which have been damaged by the Houthi militias’ invasion in  2015. The opening the stations followed adjusting the price of gasoline from 7 000 (YR) per 20 litters to 5700 (YR) per 20 litres.

The three gas stations, in Khormaksar, Tawahi and Dar Saad where inaugurated today by Eng. Ghassan Alzamiki deputy governor for projects, Eng. Ghaleb Ben Muailiy deputy executive director and Mrs Intisar Arasha general manager of the Yemen Oil Company in Aden. The total cost of the refurbishment cost the company 120 million YR.

Mrs Arasha clarified that the refurbishment comes within the Oil Company’s plans to expand the domestic fuel marketing process and cover all the needs of the local market of oil derivatives.

She hailed the efforts of the leadership and the employees of the company who work with every effort and dedication to serve the citizens and to provide petroleum products in the local market.

Arasha said , ‘The decision to stabilise the prices of petroleum products and lowering the price of benzene for  the second time during a short period, comes within the company's keenness to alleviate the citizens suffering and took  into account the circumstances of the situation in the country as well as the effects of the global reduction in the price of oil as well as the improved exchange rate of the Yemeni Rial against the foreign currencies.