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Wed - 05 Dec 2018 - 06:27 PM ،،،

 Local sources said on Wednesday, that the Iranian Houthi coupist militias have resorted to new methods of targeting and killing Yemeni civilians in Hodeidah.

The same sources said that a Katyusha rocket landed on a house in Dahmiya street and another rocket hit al-Tessain street without causing any injuries.

The Iran-backed coupist militia installs rocket launchers on trucks to shell the people from residential neighborhoods.

Those mobile rocket launchers have recently become the main weapon of the Houthi rebels that use them continuously and indiscriminately in their attacks against Hodeidah streets, resulting in heavy civilian casualties and suffering.

A few days ago, the Houthi mobile rocket launchers killed three people and destroyed two houses in al-Ghalil neighborhood of al-Hodeidah city.