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Tue - 04 Dec 2018 - 05:21 PM ،،،

 Local sources revealed that the Houthi militias with the help of members of the Iranian Republican Guards and the Lebanese Hizb Allah planted a chain of Naval mines around Kamaran Island on the Red Sea. The militias erected torpedoes towards the oil tanker Safer which is moored in the Yemeni waters.

The sources confirmed that they suspect that Iranian experts and Hizb Allah have planted the mines around the island and have renewed new points in Ras Musabeq Alreeh, Ras Alghushom, Ras Foorah, Makram and Rashah circulating Kamaran island.

The Yemeni sources revealed that there is a chain of naval mines and torpedoes which the Houthi militias planted around the island and the oil tanker Safer which is moored near the island.

This comes in a time when a Naval mine claimed the life of four fishermen who were on their fishing boat in the island.

According to the data and the testimony of experts and military and civilian sources, the Houthi militias cordoned off the West side of the island of Kamaran with chains of naval mines, from North of Musabeq Alreeh island, passing through Ras  Alghashm  a  walking distance from Makram  known as a population dense  area in the West of the island, according to Yemen News website .

The information indicated that the militias allowed the fishermen of Makram only an area of 5km to fish in.