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 President of the Southern Transitional Council Aidros Al Zubaidi clarified a couple of pressing issues on the reasons for the delaying implementing the terms of the Riyadh Agreement.

In a televised interview which was aired on ‘Russia Today’ television on Tuesday, Al Zubaidi was clear in his response that the main reason for delaying the terms of the agreement goes back to the legitimacy and the Brotherhood agents who are in the government cabinet.

Al Zubaidi explained that the duty of the STC is to defend the land and to provide military protection. “We are not responsible for the governmental institutions or the public services departments or ministries, the government is responsible to provide those services to the public. Our duty is to protect those institutions and our land from the Houthi expansion and from terrorism”.

On the terms of the Riyadh Agreement, Al Zubaidi said, “ It is a new experience for us in the south with the friends in the Kingdom and we trust them but the Yemeni government is not corresponding accurately.”

He added, “We continue to say that the Brotherhood cabinet members in the legitimate government are obstructing the agreement, they will be responsible for thwarting any future agreements. The Saudi brothers do all they can to bring both sides together to come up with an understanding”.

Al Zubaidi carried on saying “The heavy artillery has to move to the battle fronts, all artillery we found in Aden has been transported to the battle fronts. The remaining military forces in Aden will move according to the timed terms of the agreement after the appointment of a governor and a security forces commander in Aden”.

President of the STC revealed that both delegations did not agree on a number of names which were put forward to be members of the joint south, north. He added that the STC’s delegation in Riyadh is working with the Saudis and the legitimacy to decide who will be members of the new government.

Al Zubaidi clarified that the strategy of the STC is to implement the southern peoples’ aspirations, "We will dedicate all our powers and abilities, through our delegates who represent the southern people, under the umbrella of the UN special envoy, to give the people the right to decide their self-determination which is their legal right".