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Mon - 03 Dec 2018 - 10:58 PM ،،،

 The Jordanian director Nasreen Alsubihi is working on producing a new documentary film which sheds light on the humanitarian crisis in ‘Aslam’ district in Hajjah government in Northwest Yemen.

Subashi said in a press release that the film focuses on the dire humanitarian situation in ‘Aslam’ where the people ate leaves of trees to survive from hunger despite the danger it put them under.

The producer mentioned that the film will be 20 minutes long and will address what happened in ‘Aslem’ from a neutral point of view and will portray the facts as they are.
She said that she touched on the deliberate neglect by "de facto power".In addition to great abandoning by the international organizations, according to the Director of the Medical Centre.

AlSubaihi added, ‘The people in ‘Aslem’ live an indescribable standard of living in the 21st century, it is difficult to understand in this day and age that there are people who live like that.To see humans eating leaves of the trees to avoid dying of hunger and the spread of disease, no sanitation and many other things'. AlSubaihi questioned , Where are the humanitarian organizations and where are the state institutions?  If they are not here where are they?’.

The Jordanian Director indicated that she intends to release a series of documentaries about Yemen. During her visit, which lasted a month and a half she visited six Yemeni provinces during the visit, she filmed and collected documents to support the documentaries.

She indicated that she will complete the first film at the end of December, and will participate in International documentary film festivals, especially after the success of the film "The Dawn", which received the first prize in ‘The Science and Learning Film Festival’  held in July in Madrid.