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Tue - 21 Jan 2020 - 09:08 PM ،،،

YGAPC-Media dep

Yemen Gulf of Aden Port Corporation ,reached a record number  increase in handling containers that reached five (5) tons of dry products on its quays in 2019,  the highest amount recorded  in the history of the port .

According to statistics released from the Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation , the port unloaded 637,042,5 tons of dry products during 2019 an increase of 14% than the previous year .
The same sources said that the statistics state that in 2019 the port received 464,923 containers an increase of 17%  than the previous year .

The media department  at the Gulf of Aden Port Corporation said that the increase of  handling container in the ports in the previous years was despite the difficult situation and the war that the country is going through.

It added that those positive results were  due to the great effort the corporation  its management and staff  present to increase the capacity of the port’s activity in Aden and around the country specially after the decline of the activity of Hodeidah Sea Port.

The media department also announced that work is focused on rebuilding and rehabilitating many building and facilities that were damaged and destroyed including the piers in Maala, the technical affairs marine training centre and other vital institutions at the port as well as the famously known tourist quay in Tawahi .