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Hodeidah Port/ Image Credit: REUTERS

Wed - 15 Jan 2020 - 03:05 AM ،،،


 Houthi militias have created a new fuel crisis in areas under their control in a move that will not only increase the suffering of the population, but also reinvigorate the black market.

Gas stations in Sanaa and other areas have been shuttered for two days despite the legitimate government confirming that fuel stocks available in coup areas are sufficient until the middle of next March.

The economic committee at the internationally-recognized government accused Houthis of “creating a fuel crisis in areas under their control in order to boost black market transactions.”

This move stands to enrich Houthi leaders and finance the group’s war and political efforts.

“Statistics show that quantities of fuel supplied to Yemeni ports during the period from October 1, 2019 to January 10 this year, provide sufficient quantities of fuel for coup-held areas until mid-March 2020,” the committee said in an official statement.

It also pointed out that the Houthi share from the Hodeidah port reached 60% of the total imports to Yemeni ports, with a total share of 919,300 tons.

Yemenis accuse Houthi militia of “continuing to unlawfully collect royalties and spending it on the group’s leaders and loyalists.”

Houthis also spend money they illicitly gather on financing their war effort, recruitment and sectarian practices.