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Sun - 02 Dec 2018 - 07:35 PM ،،،

 The family of the detainee Abdul Razak Gabi appealed to the local and international human rights organizations to free him from the Houthi prisons.

Abdul Razak's wife told Al-Amalika media center that her husband was working in a water project in al-Tuhita, he was a peaceful man and he did nothing to deserve being in jail, adding that he has two kids, at the age of 8 and 5 years.

She called on human rights NGOs to exert efforts for releasing her husband, detained for 2 years in Houthi detention.

On the same track, the brother-in-law of the detainee said that Houthi militias unjustifiably violate the rights of innocent people.

The pro-Iran rebels arrested Abdul Razak and took him to unknown place, preventing his relatives from visiting him or even asking about him. After two years, Abdul Razak's family does not know whether he is alive or killed by the Houthis as many others who had been killed in Houthi captivity.