Wed - 21 Nov 2018 - 01:40 AM ،،،

 The web editor-in-chief of al-Yeman al-Arabi, Dr. Jamal Mohsen expressed his confidence that the port of Aden would return to be the first port in the Arab world and would be in a leading position in world.

In an interview with Alghad Al-Moshreq TV channel, Dr. Jamal said that the port of Aden will return and will be one of the Silk Road Centers, which China is being worked on, pointing to the assets of the port that can receive giant ships, such as Passama which unloaded on Saturday more than 2500 vehicles in Aden.

Dr. Jamal affirmed that the port of Aden is 100% managed by local cadres, ain't no foreigner among them, adding that the people of Aden run the loading and unloading operations with cutting-edge tools and machines which confirms how experienced they are in this domain.

Dr. Jamal considered the return of Aden port activity as a response to negative messages sent by pro-legitimacy Yemeni parties with a view to targeting the United Arab Emirates, highly valuing the UAE role in the return of life to the port of Aden and the return of its maritime activities .