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In an exclusive interview with 'Der Spiegel' International newspaper, member of the praesidium and assistant, General  Secretary of the Southern Transitional Council Fadhl Aljaadi spoke about the economic and political developments in the country. As well as the relation between the STC and the Arab coalition.

The German journalist Christopher gave his first impression on Aden since his last visit in 1999. The journalist was astonished at the amount of change in the city.
He also noticed the improved security situation in the capital Aden which was displayed in the way he saw the families enjoying their weekends at the seashores and beaches.
Christopher also pointed to the reappearing of the Southern flags on the top of the buildings and the main streets, which he said," Reflect the people's seriousness and determination in achieving their political demands and sending their message to the United Nations and the UN Security Council".
On his part, Mr Aljaadi welcomed he journalist and answered to the many questions put to him. He also pointed to the great support that Germany and the European Union has presented to the Arab coalition and their commitment to support the peace efforts.
He said that the visit of the newspaper Der Spiegel is in the first place, to tell the truth, and to convey it to the world and the public opinion.

Al Jaadi explained that the Southern Transitional Council is a  national entity with a political leadership that holds the hopes and aspirations of the people of the South." These people have been struggling since the 7th July 94 till this day for the return of the southern state pre-May 1990, which is the only way to honour the sacrifices of the martyrs" he said. 

He added, “Our friends the Germans have experiences what we have gone through but the consequences were different. Law and democracy prevailed in Germany, forcing it to allocate a very large proportion of funds to improve the economic conditions of the citizens who previously suffered and worked to spread equality and justice so that the German experience succeeds.

What happened in Yemen's unity was the opposite where the coup d'�tat against the southern partner has assassinated its leaders, distracted the military forces, excluded and displaced the southern cadre, looted the southern resources all those benefited the Yemeni Arab Republic’s regime”.

“Not only did the first military incursion in 1994 damage the South  but also the second military incursion in March 2015 again which aimed to destroy the South once again.” He said

On the economic situation and the collapse of public institutions, Al-Jadadi noted that it was a result of a clear conspiracy to hit the infrastructure in the south and incumber the functioning of its sovereign facilities so that Sanaa would remain in control of the economy through its own facilities; which are central there.

"In this regard, we have many insights to advance the southern economy which will be announced  at an economic conference that will lay out a clear map to manage  the southern resources and to activate the role of the southern investors and to overcome all the difficulties before them," he said."

Al-Jadadi described the role of the Arab coalition and their support in liberating the South in a short period of time. “This will remain in our hearts and minds for a very long time”.
He noted that the brothers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are here to restore hope in particular by strengthening the security situation within the framework of respecting the principles of good governance.

He added , "An important sector that requires extensive knowledge as well support is the Southern forces represented by the security Forces the Shabwa and Hadhrami Elite forces. In the field of internal security, the fight against terrorism and the fight against drugs trade, cadres need particular qualifications through training courses. All these have been given priority by the Arab coalition to rehabilitate them as well as in the field of counter-terrorism, combating explosives and demining."

Regarding the Council's role in the military operations in the city of Hodeidah, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Council said that it repeatedly emphasized that the southern resistance was, and still is, a partner with the Arab coalition to achieve victories along the West Coast.  It is clear that our approach is to protect the citizens, to restore security and stability to areas occupied by the Houthi militias who have been destroying the people by planting hundreds of thousands of human mines that have claimed innocent lives.

Al Jaadi noted that the Council, through its ongoing meetings with international delegations, in particular, the UN envoy, emphasizes the importance of peace and to end the suffering caused by these militias, who are killing the poor citizen either by death due to shelling or by hunger or by being misplaced.