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Mon - 23 Dec 2019 - 11:19 PM ،،،

 An abductee died under torture on Monday, in one of the secrets prisons run by the Muslim Brotherhood in Shabwa governorate.

Yesslam Saleh Saeed Habtoor was abducted on Sunday, along with Ali Mohsen Al-Jaab Ba-Awdha from Mifa'a district in Shabwa by Islah militias (Muslim Brotherhood military wing) of Yemen's government, accusing them of being affiliated with Shabwa Elite Forces.

Well-informed sources said that Habtoor denied any affiliation with any person or entity, affirming that he was a bus driver in search of decent incomes and livelihood.

The same sources added that Habtoor died only 24 hours after his arrest, under brutal torture at secret detention facility created by Islah in Shabwa in order to arbitrarily arrest and charge opponents to their presence.

The other man (Ba-Awdha) is still in the custody of Islah militias amid fears that he would face the same fate of Habtoor.

The family of Habtoor refused to receive his body, calling for a forensic investigation into the causes of death and holding the perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Activists in Shabwa governorate called on international human rights organizations and the Arab Coalition to take serious and firm measures against the violations perpetrated by Muslim Brotherhood-linked militias in Shabwa since last August.

For its part, the Human Rights Department of the Southern Transitional Council along with a number of southern civil society organizations and high-profile figures strongly condemned the torturing and killing of Yesslam Habtoor.