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Tue - 10 Dec 2019 - 08:58 PM ،،،

 Over the past months, after eliminating the Islah terrorist groups, Aden has not experienced any terrorist incidents or assassinations such as those which we are witnessing in the current days.

Aden faces a barrage of security problems following the return of terrorist elements under the pretext of implementing the Riyadh Agreement.

The 'Legitimacy' depends on the elements, which it recently sent to Aden, in the name of contributing to the implementation of the military arrangements of the Riyadh Agreement, to create confusion in the south. Those elements serve a starting point to commit terrorist crimes including the assassinations that include security personnel and the general public to create chaos.

These factors try to exploit the peaceful intentions of the Arab coalition and the Southern Transitional Council to fulfill the Riyadh Agreement. At the same time, the legitimacy and its terrorist individuals move in the opposite direction by presenting speeches and meetings, that several of its ministers deliver, to incite hatred against the southern people and the STC.

Observers say that the capital Aden is currently witnessing a result of the rhetoric of the 'Legitimacy' since signing the Riyadh agreement. Adding that the Islah party is working to use its dominance to implement its plans backed by Qatar and Iran to thwart the efforts of the Arab coalition.

On Sunday, gunmen opened fire at a security point in ‘Soleban’ camp in the al-Arish neighbourhood-Khormaksar district, another person was killed in a different incedent on Saturday evening.

 On Tuesday evening, unidentified gunmen assassinated the head of the criminal investigation office,Major Salem Lathal, at the al-Arish police station.  According to local sources, gunmen on a motorcycle shot him near the Sunni mosque in the neighbourhood.

In the face of these practices, the Leadership of the Arab Coalition and the Security Services in the capital Aden decided to ban the use of unlicensed motorcycles and confiscate illegal weapons.
The ban launched at dawn on Sunday.

A source at the security services revealed that they received instructions from the leaders at the coalition in the capital Aden to confiscate motorcycles, vehicles and unlicensed weapons.

 The recent assassinations of the high-ranking security commanders and soldiers were attributed to the use and availability of unlicensed weapons.

The Arab coalition leadership called on the general public to cooperate with the security services and report any suspicious behaviour, especially in remote areas.

 Meanwhile, the security services called on the local shops in al-Breiqa district to install surveillance cameras that can monitor different dimensions of the local high streets and implement it within three weeks.

The security forces warned that the decision is aimed at protecting the general public and properties from the threat of terrorism, assassinations and theft.