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Sat - 07 Dec 2019 - 03:43 PM ،،،

 US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft hailed on Friday, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, saying she was encouraged by the Riyadh Agreement struck in November.

"we hope that that’s going to take us one step closer to this UN talks on political solution to the conflict."

Speaking at  a UN Press Conference on the U.S. Program of Work for the December Security Council Presidency, Craft said that "on December the 12th, we’re going to turn our attention to Yemen, which has become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis amid the ongoing conflict. Millions of Yemeni women, children, and men depend on humanitarian assistance specially facilitated by the World Food Program."

"we need to be very, very cognitive of the fact that Iran is once again backing the Houthi rebels which are not allowing the World Food Program to have access to the very people that we’re trying to help." she added.
Regarding Iran's violations in the region, she said "we all know, in any area where there has been a lot of conflict and strife, whether it’s in Yemen, in Syria, in all the areas, Iran is right there" adding "We must hold them accountable. They are bad actors."

Kelly blamed Iran for continuingly backing up the Houthi rebels in Yemen with weapons, including ballistic missiles, "we address the maximum pressure campaign continuing to apply pressure on Iran, we are going to see upheaval, whether in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen – wherever it is. And we are taking this very serious, and there are other tools that we will use against Iran if they continue this malicious behavior.