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Mon - 02 Dec 2019 - 06:39 PM ،،،

 Iranian-backed Houthi putschist militia uninterruptedly shelled on Monday, the positions of the joint forces in al-Jabaliya area of al-Tuhita district, south of Hodeidah governorate in defiance of the UN-mediated ceasefire.

Military field sources reported that that the pro-Iran rebels used different types of weapons to brutally target the locations under the control of the joint forces in al-Jabaliya and other areas in the southern parts of Hodeidah.

Earlier on the same day, the joint forces managed to drive back an attack launched against their positions by the pro-Iran militia on the south-western outskirts of al-Tuhita district.

Al-Amalika Media Center confirmed that the joint forces foiled a Houthi attempt to advance towards the liberated areas of al-Tuhita, inflicting heavy casualties on the Houthis.

The pro-Iran Houthi rebels scaled up their military operations, mobilized a large number of fighters and sent more military reinforcements to Hodeidah, in conjunction with intensive shelling of the locations of military and civilian areas in the province.