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Tue - 26 Nov 2019 - 09:40 PM ،،،

 The Assistant Secretary-General of the Southern Transitional Council presidency, Fadl al-Jaadi on Tuesday discussed the illegal land theft, public property and empty spaces in the capital Aden.

During an extended meeting with legal, engineering and military figures in Aden Al Jaadi stressed on the importance of protecting public property including land and government buildings and institutions. Al Jaadi said, ‘the theft of public property and land is a time-bomb waiting to explode it is a matter that concerns the capital and the southern issue’ .

Al Jaadi warned against violating the antiquities, facilities and research centres, pointing out that chaos encouraged corruption and forging property documents as well as acquiring plots of land illegally; a phenomenon which demands solutions and practical resolutions to stop it.

The meeting decided to establish a joint operations room which includes the security forces to cooperate with the directorates to prevent any further illegal property construction.