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Ambassador Nabil Maisari

Tue - 26 Nov 2019 - 06:45 PM ،،،

 The Yemeni Ambassador to Spain Khaled Maisari handed in his resignation as Ambassador to Yemen to President Abdulrabo M. Hadi on Tuesday .

The Ambassador revealed that his resignation was due to the widespread corruption in the corridors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs including fraud and  handing out diplomat passports in return of large sums of cash as well as fabricated jobs in the embassies abroad since 2015.

Nabil Maisari pointed, in his telegram to the extent of the distinction between the Yemeni embassy in Spain and the other embassies in Europe.He explained that the funds that are allocated to the embassy in Spain are a monthly amount of $3000 while in other embassies in the region is double that amount.

Ambassador Maisari stressed that he was not honoured to have one of those known for corruption in Yemeni diplomacy, Ambassador Marwan Noman, in the inquiry commission that he requested for. He considered it as the height of recklessness in the status of the state.

Ambassador Nabil Khaled Messeri concluded his resignation by saying, "In light of this and in keeping our well-known history, I am not honoured to continue with the post of Ambassador of Yemen to the Kingdom of Spain therefore I present my resignation to you."