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Sun - 24 Nov 2019 - 09:21 PM ،،،

 Member of the presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) Salem Thabet Alawlaqi revealed that there is a special joint military and security committee which will be chaired by the Arab coalition forces.

Alawlaqi on his Facebook account, said the task of the special committee is to implement the military and security tasks within the Riyadh Agreement which was signed earlier this month.

Presidency member Alawlaqi, said that representatives from the STC’s who will be in the military and security committee will include commander Mohsen Askar, commander of Abyan Security Belt Abdullatif Alsaeed, Lahj Security director Saleh Alsayed, Shabwa Elite Forces commander Mohamed Albohar, Lahj Security Belt commander Jalaal Al Rabee, Commander of the Fifth Support Brigade Mukhtar Alnoubi.