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Sat - 23 Nov 2019 - 05:55 AM ،،،

 Many people's homes in al-Masana area of Hawk district in the eastern parts of Hodeidah city, were subjected to a barrage of heavy artillery fire on Friday, unleashed indiscriminately by the Iran-backed Houthi putschist militia.

Al-Amalika Media Center quoted local sources as saying that the Houthi artillery units violently rained down the residential area of al-Masana with dozens of heavy rounds, adding that several houses were hit and one of them was completely destroyed.

The same sources also said that the indiscriminate heavy shelling of the al-Masana caused a state of fear and panic among the inhabitants, mostly women and children.

In flagrant defiance of the U.N.- brokered truce, the terrorist Houthi militia continue the widespread and systematic targeting of densely populated areas, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent people, in addition to damaging the infrastructure and destroying many houses, mosques and public property.