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Amr Aqeel Head of Culture Department STC

Tue - 19 Nov 2019 - 09:10 PM ،،،

 The Culture Department at the Southern Transitional Council is preparing for the 30th of  November independence celebrations.

Amr Aqeel Head of the Culture Department said that the 30th of November celebrations are a joyous event and the people always look forward to celebrate their independence.
Aqeel explained that the program of the event will include an artistic carnival in which the Brass Band will participate with a symbolic military item and a group of children will present a unique performance in addition to popular music bands from the different  governorates will perform the local folk dances which display their heritage.

The musical convoy with perform along Malla Main street in Aden and will end with the popular folk dance where the public can join in freely and enjoy the celebratory pleasant atmosphere.

Head of the culture department added that the General Secretariat of the STC has been busy lately with focusing on preparing for the great event.