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Thu - 15 Nov 2018 - 01:47 AM ،،،


 The Iran-aligned Houthi militia has bombed the 22 May School at Al Jah area in the Bayt al-Faqih District of Hoedidah Governorate in revenge of the civilians, who are totally rejecting their scorched earth policy.

Emirates News Agency, WAM, has monitored the complete destruction of the school by the rebels following their repeated defeats at the hands of Yemeni resistance forces.

Eye witnesses told WAM that the Houthi rebels had perpetrated this criminal act to deny Yemen's children their right to education. The malicious act, they said, exposed the ugly face of the Houthi coup, which seeks to destroy Yemen and the future of its people.

The Houthi rebels are targeting civilians facilities, including schools, hospitals and government entities in a brazen disregard for the lives of the Yemeni civilians. They are deliberately destroying these facilities to deprive Yemeni people from the public services during the critical circumstances Yemen is currently experiencing.

Engineering teams of the Yemeni resistance forces are continuing their significant efforts to clear and remove mines planted by the Houthi militia on public roads and civilian facilities in order to protect innocent lives.

Over the past two years, the Houthi rebels wholly or partly bombed and destroyed 2,372 schools, denying more than 4.5 million children access to education, including 1.6 million who didn't attend school at all. The rebels used more than 1,500 educational facilities as military barracks. They also hijacked children and sent them to battlefields in a clear violation of international conventions on the right of child.