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Thu - 07 Nov 2019 - 11:43 PM ،،،

 An American lecturer argued in an article published by Gatestone Institute that the United States should choose either the side of Saudi Arabia or Iran in the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

Peter Huessy, President of Geostrategic Analysis and guest lecturer on nuclear deterrent studies at the US Naval Academy, he was also for 22 years, the senior defense consultant at the National Defense University Foundation, said in an article titled "America Needs to Choose Sides: Saudi Arabia or Iran" that the United States should eradicate the terrorist Houthi militias.

Huessy said a successful congressional and administration policy to end the fighting in Yemen should include a number of factors.

These factors include:  (1) closing down the ground-, sea- and air-smuggling routes for weapons to the Houthis; (2) patrolling the Bab el-Mandeb and the Strait of Hormuz; (3) selling America's allies in the region the military hardware they need to secure victory; (4) providing real-time intelligence and overhead reconnaissance to coalition forces; and (5) using strong public diplomacy to support the internationally recognized and lawful government of Yemen.

According to him, full American cooperation with the Saudi coalition, if done effectively, is more likely to end the war in Yemen than enable it to become another endless conflict like the one that has been raging in Syria -- something that goes against American interests.

In view of the terrible history of the conflict in Yemen, it is high time for Congress to choose sides -- to back Saudi Arabia's coalition or empower Iran and its proxy Houthi terrorists.