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 The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, is continuing to carry out a series of humanitarian, development and service projects in Yemen.

These projects aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for the Yemeni people, as part of the ERC’s ongoing efforts to maintain the natural beauty of the country’s liberated cities and governorates, and combat epidemics, such as malaria and dengue fever.

As part of these efforts, the ERC launched a general hygiene campaign in Maafir District, Taiz Governorate, which saw considerable interest from Yemenis. The project involved the disposal of tonnes of waste and a health awareness campaign, to protect the environment and limit the spread of epidemics.

Mohammed Al Sanawi, Under-Secretary of Taiz Governorate, said that the campaign has highlighted the beauty of Taiz and its districts, while noting that the general cleanliness of streets and cities is the cornerstone of combatting epidemics and diseases, which can spread due to the accumulation of waste and garbage for long periods on the streets.

During his participation in the campaign, Brigadier General Adnan Al Hammadi, Commander of the 35th Armoured Brigade, said that the ERC’s campaign is an important step in developing the local services sector, especially as most government institutions are facing difficulties, due to the country’s dire economic conditions.