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Sat - 10 Nov 2018 - 02:51 PM ،،،

 A Houthi senior leader warn divisions within the ranks of his group because of what he described as "mistakes and irregularities" which consider as "psychological blows", reminding of those who chose isolation and to confine themselves to home, cause they could not bear them.

Member of the Houthi Political Office, Mohammed al-Bukhaiti launched on his Facebook wall, a call to overcome these differences and to save the threatened group in Hodeidah from the impact of successive field losses as the Yemeni army nears to sieze control of the last Houthi maritime access, adding "today is your day to move forward to the West Coast Front, in particular to Hodeidah and I will be there to receive you"

This is the first public statement of a Houthi senior leader recognizes divisions and conflicts within the group, despite its continuing attempts to deny them.

Bukhaiti also warned that the time is running out and the group will not be able to reduce the losses, calling for mobilization in Hodeida to address the remaining errors and to defend the city.