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Fri - 09 Nov 2018 - 05:43 AM ،،،

 The Security Belt and the national army liberated new sites and mountain ranges overlooking the city of Damt, west of Dhala, as part of the military operation to liberate all the district of Damt from the grip of the Iran-backed Houthi putschist militia.

The military field sources of the Security Belt reported that they managed to control the mountain range overlooking the city of Damt, starting from the chain of Hossen al-Haqab to the mountains of Khab and the neighboring areas.

The same sources added that the ongoing battles resulted in killing and injuring dozens of pro-Iran Houthi rebels and inflicting heavy material damage on them.

The Security Belt confirmed that the fighting is continuing, amid continuous advance of the National Army forces towards the center of Damt city as Houthi field commanders start to flee towards the city of al-Ridma of Ebb governorate.