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A medical source told AFP on Wednesday that the militiamen had forced medical staff out of the May 22 Hospital. (File photo: AFP)

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 Amnesty International accused the Houthi militia on Thursday of “deliberate militarization of hospitals” in the battleground city of Hodeidah and called on warring parties to protect civilians.

The human rights group’s condemnation came as Yemeni pro-government forces advanced further into the city and closer to the docks country’s most important port.

Amnesty said the Iran-backed Houthis recently stationed fighters on the roof of a hospital in the May 22 district of the Red Sea port city, calling the action a “stomach-churning development.”

It said the move risked “devastating consequences” for the hospital’s staff and patients.

“The presence of Houthi fighters on the hospital’s roof violates international humanitarian law,” Samah Hadid, Amnesty’s Middle East campaigns director, told AFP.

A medical source told AFP on Wednesday the militia had forced medical staff out of the May 22 Hospital - one of Hodeidah’s main medical facilities - and posted snipers on the roof.

Pro-government forces on Thursday pressed closer to the heart of Hodeidah, whose port serves as the entry point for nearly 80 per cent of commercial imports and nearly all UN-supervised humanitarian aid.

After a week of intense battles on the city’s outskirts, the troops reached residential neighbourhoods, using bulldozers to remove concrete road blocks installed by the Houthis, AFP reported.