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Thu - 08 Nov 2018 - 02:44 AM ،،،

 With the support of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition forces, Al-Amalikah brigades led by the Commander-in-Chief of the West Coast Front Abu Zaraa al-Mahrami, continue their advance in several neighborhoods of the eastern parts of Hodeidah.

Al-Amalikah brigades engaged in fierce clashes on Wednesday, with the Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia in a number of neighborhoods, where hundreds of them were killed and injured during the fight and under the heavy shelling of the Arab Coalition air forces.

Al-Amalikah brigades continue their incursion into Hodeidah city from several directions, with the support of UAE armed forces as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, to liberate the strategic city from the grip of the Iran-backed Houthi putschist militias.