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Wed - 07 Nov 2018 - 07:25 PM ،،،

 The new prime minister Muen Abdulmalik’s government has proved that his successor has been circulating false allegations, accusing the Southern Transitional council of preventing them from carrying out their duties.

Ben Daghr used to defend his failure in governing by claiming that the STC prevented him , which caused a lot of suffering and hardship.

When Ben Daghr was questioned why wasn’t his government performing their duties? He used to say , the STC limited his movement.

Recently members of the new government pledged that within 100 days they will change the economic status, which was initially damaged by Ben Dagher's government.

The current ministers are able to move around in Aden and the surrounding liberated governorates freely, to attend their meetings or to carry on with their duties, this proves the false accusations which were circulated by Ben Dagher's administration.