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Wed - 07 Nov 2018 - 01:14 AM ،،،


 The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, provided school furniture to the Tarim Secondary Boys School in Hadramaut, in continuation of the UAE’s efforts to support the educational sector in Yemen and help develop its liberated areas.

The legal counsellor, Khalid Awad Howaidi, Director-General of Tarim District, praised the ERC’s efforts to provide infrastructure support for education projects in the district, which include the maintenance and restoration of schools and supplying them with their necessary requirements.

The ERC also dispatched a relief aid convoy to the residents of Hadramaut containing food parcels, clothes and blankets, as part of the UAE’s humanitarian efforts to rescue affected people and needy families in Hadramaut, following "Hurricane Laban" that caused the suffering of over 500 families.

The aid is crucial to many stranded families in Wadi Hadramaut, and an ERC team managed to overcome tough road conditions and reach them with the aid.

The beneficiaries expressed their appreciation for the UAE efforts, through its humanitarian arm, the ERC, to send the relief convoy to their area while praising the keenness of its leadership to ease their suffering, especially after the hurricane.

The ERC also supplied local Yemeni authorities, represented by the Office of the Ministry of Public Words and Roads in Hadramaut, with two oil tankers containing 72,000 litres of diesel, to operate road equipment and repair damage caused by the hurricane.