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Wed - 07 Nov 2018 - 01:30 AM ،،،


 The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, mission office in Aden empowered around 100 people with disabilities, by providing them with job opportunities in small projects.

The ERC also launched a kitchen to provide daily meals, in cooperation with the Romooz Foundation for Deaf People, and as parts of its efforts to support the Yemeni people, especially those with disabilities.

Tayyib Al Shamsi, Vice President of the ERC Mission in Aden, said that the ERC has prioritised people with disabilities, and they launched the kitchen - which they are supervising - to support the people of Yemen and ease their suffering caused by their dire conditions, due to the war started by Houthi militias.

He added that the kitchen prepares 300 daily meals, and the ERC buys and distributes food to poor and needy families with disabled members.

Iman Omar Hashim, Chairperson of the Romooz Foundation for Deaf People, thanked the UAE for launching the project, which he said is a good opportunity to help this segment of the community.