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Tue - 06 Nov 2018 - 07:33 PM ،،،


 Prime Minister Dr Ma'een Abdulmalik received Tuesday in the temporary capital Aden, the Special Envoy of the Kingdom of Sweden to Yemen Peter Semneby and the official in charge of Gulf in the Swedish Foreign Ministry Hans Grande Berg.

Prospects of joint action and relations between the two friendly countries was a central focus of the discussions.

The Prime Minister voiced deep thanks for Swedish significant political and humanitarian support for Yemen, highly appreciating Swedish supportive stance in underpinning the legitimate government and rejecting Iran-backed Houthi militia's coup.

Dr Ma'een pointed out to wide-range of challenges facing the government. He said" Government is facing several challenges most formidable of all is economic hardship and humanitarian crisis".

The Prime Minister added" The government is dedicating efforts to stop economic slide, humanitarian deteriorating situation and secure supplies of basic commodity".

He also briefed the Swedish diplomats on the practical measures have been taken by the government to manage the economic challenges.

Concerning to peace process, Ma'een stated that the government is very keen to make peace and already offered significant concessions for sustainable peace but the putschist militia has proved unwilling to seriously engage peace process. " Putschist militia is seeking to prolong conflict in Yemen, pays no attention to the Yemenis' suffering. They have established a parallel civil service system to the official government's , they clandestinely pay exclusively their loyal employees", said Ma'een.

He added" Militia has left nearly one million employees unpaid in the militia controlled regions, a matter further exacerbate humanitarian torment of the people".

The Swedish Ambassador stated that his country is very interested in supporting Yemen's security, stability and put an end of the Yemeni peoples' ordeal.