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 Vice president of the Southern Transitional Council Sheikh Hani Ben Berek said that the aim of the European and US tour was to convey the image of the STC and the Southern issue.

In an interview on Sunday evening on the BBC Arabic Programme, Ben Berek said that there is another personal goal which is to show who is Hani Ben Brik. A person who has been accompanied by a lot of propaganda and controversy by adversaries, whose aim was to misrepresent him within the international community. Our visit to these countries is to influence the international community and to get to know their officials closely so they can make their own judgments on us.

Ben Brik continued, “ The main purpose of our foreign tour is to transfer the southern issue, for the international community to recognize our cause which is; reclaim our land and restore our state.

He stressed that the hostility of the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated governments and countries including the legitimate Yemeni government. Therefore it is not surprising to see such claims with the Interpol to tarnish the name of Hani Ben Brik, to be placed on the list of terrorists.In spite of that, the southerners have confidence in the credibility in the security agencies’ investigations and their professionality and ability to distinguish the true facts from the lies.

On the security belt, Sheikh Hani said, “The security belt is initially a security plan, that we set as leaders in the resistance and the government, with the aim of imposing security in Aden, which we called the security belt plan. Officially, there is no force registered in this name. The security Belt plan was assigned to a brigade from the ‘Support and Backup Brigades’ which is an official force that was issued by a presidential decree by His Excellency President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. That force was placed under the command of Brigadier General Hashem who was the field commander of the resistance in Aden.”

He added, “ This force merged with the resistance and gave them official status, and the name of the plan was used as the name of the Force. Unlike the Elite forces, they are forces formed in Shabwah and Hadramawt governorates. These two elite forces were formed under full legal cover and fully informed by His Excellency President Hadi ‘.

Ben Brik denied that the UAE  managed  these forces and that it has ‘ A special agenda’, for one clear reason, which is that every force on the ground is run from the operating room of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ,but the Arab coalition  want to show that these forces are outside the framework of the legitimacy and operate under exclusive Emirati directions.

Sheikh Hani stated that the victories, which the Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia and the active support of the United Arab Emirates, which were achieved led to finding hostile opponents against the two states, especially by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The two states reached the highest level of leadership in the two countries, and there is no Arab coalition throughout history with such strength, competence, understanding and coordination, he said.

On the issue of Hani Ben Berk being a target in the social media, he said, “That he is the most member of the STC who has followers who post on the southern issue. He warns that the true enemy of the southern issue is the  Muslim Brotherhood because it is the organization which will obstruct the disengagement and the return of the southern state”.

On his relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he said that he loves Saudi Arabia and the UAE and that he is a Saudi an Emirati and a Southerner adding that he lived in the Kingdom for 27 years and all his children were born in Saudi Arabia.

He continued that he seeks for the interest of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and his country, but he will still say that there are Brotherhood leaders present in Saudi Arabia, we appreciate and respect Saudi Arabia and the Saudi people and they are aware of what goes on in their country. He denied rumours that at one time the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia refused to give him permission to enter Saudi Arabia and said, “That he was then in Abu Dhabi with his family and friends, and there is no truth what so ever in that claim”.

On the issue of threatening President Abdul Rabbo |Manasoor Hadi, he said that he does not remember that there was a letter from him to President Hadi, except the one where he was dismissed from the post of Minister of State. Where the text of President Hadi's decision, was issued on his official website and it did not mention any reference to any investigation. He pointed to when he was in Khormaksar in Exhibition Square (sahat Al Oroudh)he said to those who referred me to the investigation, I'm in Aden.

On his talk about breaking into the Maashik palace by force if the situation continues as it is. Ben Brik said, “ This is a tweet that exists on my tweeter account, and I a standby it, and what happened earlier this year in January 2018, our standing at the gate of al-Ma'asq Palace was in compliance with the directives of the Arab coalition.

Ben Berek said, “ If you see your people being slaughtered you will not hesitate to help them. When we see our people being slaughtered and deliberately insulted and humiliated we can't stand to watch”.

"That is why we said that if the people move to control the state institutions and whoever will point their weapons to the people we will defend them.We are not advocates of war and chaos, But who will direct his weapon to our people we will stop them. In the January events, our southern forces defended us but the Muslim Brotherhood militias where the ones who pointed their guns to our sons under the cover of the legitimacy.Therefore the clashes in January were between two government forces, but we say that the clash was between an official government force that protects the southern people and the ‘Brotherhood’ Islah militias. ”

He asserted that the STC did not call not for Great wars nor for sun wars but are advocates of peace, this is documented in all the rules and regulations of the Transitional Council Constitution. The STC extends its arms to the former and the current UN envoy and continues to advocate for peace and call against hatred and hostility. “ We are Arab nationalists, the Arabs were obsessed with the Arab Unity and the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, achieved the unity of  Egypt with Syria and failed and what happened in southern Yemen with the Yemeni Arab Republic in the north is the same”.

The Vice President Ben Brik said in the interview, “There has been a southern state which was formed since the independence from Britain in 1967 until the unification with the North 1990. In the summer of 1994, His Excellency President Ali Salim Al-Beedh declared secession and the North invaded the south, the whole world denounced that invasion because unity cannot be imposed by force.”

He added that the south was violated, lawlessness prevailed and under the international customary and legal classification, what happened in the south in 1994 was an occupation by all means.We tried the unity and experienced it failed, therefore, to try and go through the same phase again will be pointless and foolish. We in the south as well as the mature, tribal and political forces of the North, believe that unity has failed, and we hope to remain as two neighbouring, loving and reconciled states. Two states which will be able to enhance their interests as neighbouring countries and the rest of the countries who share the Same borders.

He also stressed that no members of the STC will be part of the new government, but the STC believes it is a transitional council that will lead the transition under one government for the north and the South. There is a suggestion that the STC could nominate a candidate to represent the STC at the government but it won't be from the members of the STC’s presidency. 

He added, “We fought the Houthis with honour and we are still at war and fighting terrorism, which the Muslim Brotherhood is supporting. Our brave men are at the fronts in all parts of the country fighting the Houthi militias, we do not accept traitors in our midst.

The Vice-president of the Southern Transitional Council, Sheikh Ben Brik, concluded his interview with the BBC presenter by saying, “: We must be alert at all fronts when fighting the enemy whether it is external or within our borders. Our priorities are clear, which is why we succeeded.In one of our previous interviews on one of the TV channels and question was; How the Southerners succeeded in freeing their land in record time while in the north it didn’t?
 I said that the southerners have cleared their defences from the traitors, the Muslim Brotherhood. We didn't accept their presence in our fronts that's why we succeeded.

The policy of extortion that the Brotherhood exercises in the north is not a surprise to me but I am surprised at the Arab coalition which continues to be patient with the Muslim Brotherhood's  intimidation.