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Thu - 10 Oct 2019 - 11:16 PM ،،،

 The reporter of Al Ghad AL Mushreq satellite channel, Jamal Shiniter has been released several hours after he was detained by Islah militia, Yemen's military wing of Muslim Brotherhood, in Azzan of Shabwa governorate on Thursday, local sources reported.

Two other journalists Saleh Missawa and Abdulrahman Al-Ashmali along with dozens of Southerners still under incommunicado detention by Islah in Shabwa.

Earlier the same day, Al-Ghad AL-Mushreq warned against the consequences of harming Jamal Shiniter and called for the speedy release of the journalist.

The TV channel also affirmed that such practices by the Islah party can never discourage it from continuing to carry out its mission.