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Thu - 10 Oct 2019 - 09:13 PM ،،،

 Maj. Gen. Ahmed Saeed Ben Berek, chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council member of the council's presidency, on Thursday, received a member of the General Committee of the General People's Congress GPC and former governor of Lahj Mohsen Al Naqib.

During the meeting, Major General Ben Brik discussed with Al Naqib the security and political situation and the southern issue.
Maj. Gen. Ben Brik stressed that it is vital that there is an interconnection among all the southern components. He pointed out that the STC adopts partnership and that it is open to all southern political forces.

Maj. Gen. reminded the senior member of the GPC, “ All the southerners at this period are at a crucial stage ‘To be or not to be' calling on all to open a new leaf and return to the bosom of the South.

For his part, Mohsen al-Naqib congratulated the president of the National Assembly, who addressed all political forces to rally around the STC as the main bearer of the southern issue. He stressed, “We are all  the sons of the South, and the nation accommodates all."
Secretary-General of the STC Mr Ahmed H lamlas and member of the Council's Presidency Mr Lutfi Shatara attended the meeting as well as deputy of the National Assembly Dr Anis Luqman.

The attendants all agreed that the STC and the GPC  need to work together to serve the southern cause and fulfil the peoples’ aspirations.