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Thu - 10 Oct 2019 - 06:33 PM ،،،

 Editor in chief of Yafa-news website, Yasser Al-Yafie strongly slammed the identity-based abductions carried out by Yemen's legitimacy.

He said in a tweet "This is what the legitimacy does in Shoqra of Abyan province, kidnapping passengers according to their ethnic identities."

Al-Yafie added that Yemen's legitimacy arrests journalists and activists in Shabwa, such acts, even the Houthis did not commit, what would it do if it managed to rule the homeland."

The pro-government forces of Islah party hijacked on Wednesday evening a bus carrying 20 southern passengers in Shoqra of Abyan governorate. All the 20 detainees were released later under the pressure of the Security Belt forces.

Islah militia also kidnapped in Shabwa today the head of Information Department of the Southern Transitional Council and the reporter of Al Ghad AL Mushreq satellite channel.