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Wed - 09 Oct 2019 - 08:25 PM ،،،

 Several southern political and security officers and commanders who were forcibly removed from their posts protested against the government authorities in front of the Central Bank of  Yemen on Tuesday.
The protesters denounced the government for not implementing the 2014 republican decree and the 2018 Judicial decision, that won them the right to settle their employment status.
According to an article in Alayyam daily newspaper, a group of political and security officers and commanders who were forcibly removed from their positions said, "We are not retired but we were forcibly expelled from our positions in 1994. We have been the victims of  the previous regime because we are southern officers.”
One protester said, "Qualified officers are at this day and time roaming the streets jobless while  newly-appointed security officers receive higher salaries than the military commanders who served the country for decades.”

He added,” Our low salaries are not enough for us we cannot afford to pay for food or medication ”. 

The courts’ settlement agreed that Brigadiers should receive monthly salary  reaching  190,000 Yemeni rials but they only  receive 72,000 Yemeni rials and the Colonel’s settlement was agreed that he should receive 180,000 YR he receives  52,000 YR and some passed away while they were waiting for their settlements."
They continued: "We are aware of the group that is responsible for not paying us what we are entitled to, we won't' disclose them at the moment because we are awaiting the outcomes of the relevant authorities. If our demands are not met we will take subsequent steps of escalation."

The protesters' lawyer Saeed Alesaee told Allayyam "The total number of forcibly expelled officers is 533 officers, of whom more than 45 have passed away as a result of suffering and poverty as well as their inability to buy medication he said.

A republican declaration was issued in 2014 that granted them a full settlement but despite the decision, it was not implemented, due to widespread corruption within the state institutions represented by the prime minister, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the presidency of the Central Agency for Political Security, the lawyer confirmed.
The officers who staged the protest in front of the Central Bank's premises are aware that they are confronting corrupt bosses who are in Riyadh who recruited representatives in those institutions to obstruct and disrupt the implementation of the desision, the lawyer added.
It is worth mentioning that the protesters' latest stand is only the beginning of the fight, they confirmed that they will escalate the situation in the coming days.