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Sun - 06 Oct 2019 - 07:05 PM ،،،

 The National Cancer Foundation in Aden organized a trip for breast cancer survivors to attend a local Adeni musical "Ala Hurokrok", which is currently performing in the capital Aden.
The outing was organized by the ‘Foundation for Breast Cancer Survivors’, as part of the October International Breast Cancer Awareness Activities, which aims to provide psychological support for cancer patients.
The highly popular musical is currently performing its shows three times a week in  ‘Alf Layla Hall’ in Sheikh Othman. The performers ‘The Gulf of Aden Performers Team’ welcomed the cancer survivors and promised them that they will have an evening to remember.
The musical portrays sarcastically the hitches which the people of Aden cope with on a daily bases whether they are about the power blackouts and electricity problems, the increase of the local currency or the ongoing housing issues, it also criticized the governments’ performance or rather the lack of it an ongoing issue which the people always talk about.
It is worth mentioning that the musical is performing for the first time in its’ history in Sheik Othman, a district which has not been very commended for its safety in the past several years. The team chose to play the musical there to prove and demonstrate that Aden is a safe place to be wherever you are despite the rumours which circulate otherwise.
The special guests  stated that they enjoyed the performance and appreciated the outing plus they had a good time with the other cancer survivors and their families.