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Sat - 05 Oct 2019 - 06:09 PM ،،،

 The residents of Socotra Island denounce the presence of the Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood) and their continuous attempts to control the island.
According to 'Al Arab' newspaper, Security leaders in Socotra Island refused to implement the latest decision issued by President Abdrabo M Hadi, to hand the security forces of the Island to the Islah Party forces.

On Thursday President Hadi decided to dismiss the director of security on the archipelago Ahmed Ali Al-Rajedhi and replaced him with Faiz Salem Musa Tahs. The residents of the archipelago rejected the decision and said that is was issued by the Islah Party military leaders who wanted to control the island.

At the protest, the residents raised the southern flag and placed it above the headquarters of the Security Department and other institutions in the island and refused to hand over the premises to the Islah Party.

Previously the residents of the island expressed their support for the Southern Transitional Council and protested against the government because it neglected the island for many years.

Last summer, Socotra witnessed similar protests against the Islah Party who attempted to take control of the archipelago off Yemen's southern coast on the Indian Ocean.