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Thu - 03 Oct 2019 - 09:53 PM ،،،

 A demonstrator was shot dead and many others were injured during a peaceful demonstration in Shabwa governorate today.
The Islah militias were among forces who came from Mareb governorate Al-Mandoa as part of the so-called National Army used live ammunition to separate the demonstrators.

The peaceful demonstration, which was organized by people from Azan in Shabwa, demanded the return of the Shabwa Elite Forces and called for the departure of the Islah militias  (Muslim Brotherhood).

The Islah militias, who are based west of Azan, were among the forces that came from Mareb governorate as part of the so-called National Army. 

The militias opened fire at the crowds to prevent them from participating in the  demonstration, killing a young man called Said al-Qamishi and injured many others who were taken to nearby hospitals to receive treatment for their injuries a witness added.