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Sun - 15 Sep 2019 - 08:14 PM ،،،

 Recent documents showed that officials in the states’ Electric Corporation have been draining Aden’s revenues in favour of the Northern governorates despite them refusing to return any proceeds to the central bank.
According to leaked official documents, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, which are under the control of the Islah Party, purchased system materials, fuel, and spare parts. It also paid a month’s earnings from Aden’s revenue into the accounts of the corporation and the Ministry of Electricity.
In a document dated the 15th Sep 2019 it showed that Aden’s revenue paid to refurbish the ministry and the General Corporation premises it also paid for other projects in several governorates.
The papers also illustrated that the corporation paid lawyers who represented a foreign  Company as well as pay funds for 'Safer' project in Mareb that refused to pay any proceeds from the electricity income into the central bank.
Another document showed that the prime minister instructed Aden Electricity Corporation to pay monthly budgets of 144 million Yemen Rial to Al mocha power station in Taiz governorate from May-Dec  2019.
An official source was surprised that Aden Electricity had to pay for all those expenses and large amounts of its revenues for both  Marib and Taiz governorates, despite them refusing to hand over the revenues to the central bank which in return lacked control and supervision for years.

 The same source confirmed that the capital Aden has borne burdens and expenses for salaries and funded projects for several liberated governorates including Marb and Taiz and the rest of the governorates which are still under the Houthi control, despite them not sending the returns to the central bank. The central bank has also continued to pay teachers and university bursars as well as Judges their wages from the central banks’ revenue.
At the same time, the Ministry of Finance refrained from paying the salaries to  Aden electricity employees on the pretext that the General Electricity Corporation in Aden refused to hand in its revenues.

It is worth mentioning that Aden Electricity Corporation spent its revenues on different projects for several governorates under the directions of the legitimate government officials.