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Sat - 14 Sep 2019 - 12:50 AM ،،،

 At least nine people were killed and others injured, including women and children in heavy artillery shelling carried out on Friday, by the pro-Iran Houthi militia against the residential area of al-Jabaliya in al-Tuhita district, south Hodeidah.

Local sources said that the Houthi artillery shells randomly landed on al-Matina neighborhood and resulted in killing nine innocent civilians of two families while they were at their homes.

The same sources added that the neighbors rushed to the scene of the bloody massacre to save the only two injured people and take the dead bodies to the mortuary.

In another development, the Houthi committed another massacre in Hais district, where two children were killed and seven others of the same family severely injured, in heavy artillery attack launched by the Houthis on the village of al-Saba'a.

The Houthi violations of the UN-brokered truce are in continuous increasing and they target the military and civilian areas of Hodeidah governorate on a daily basis despite the fact that the UN-led ceasefire monitoring team is in Hodeidah, in defiance of all the agreements signed in Sweden amid UN silence and inaction.