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Thu - 12 Sep 2019 - 07:45 PM ،،،

  Sheikhs, tribesmen and social figures gathered this morning in the al-Arm area in Shabwa governorate, to declare to the world that the Islah forces (Muslim Brotherhood) occupied the governorate.

The Shabwani men demanded that the invading forces must leave their land. They called on the men and tribes of Shabwa and the south to cleanse their land from the occupation.

 The meeting thanked the brothers in the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for their efforts towards Shabwa and the South in general.

 The gathering approved to form a committee of judges and lawyers and opened a case file against the local authority, the governor and the security committee in the governorate and hold them responsible  for conspiring with the militias against their people.

The people of Shabwa called on all the honourable people of the south and the southern resistance, in general, to unite in the fight for the liberation of the land, to confront the invasion and terrorist projects in all its forms and shapes.

 The meeting demanded that all the invaders must leave Shabwa governorate as well as all the southern areas unconditionally.
 The meeting warned the residents of Shabwa and those of the South in general against joining the militias or cooperating with them in any way, and affirmed that anyone who participates with the invaders represents only themselves and have to bear the consequences.

The meeting also affirmed that all the practices of the legitimate authority serve the Persian project and terrorism if they succeed it will affect the country as well as the whole region.