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Thu - 12 Sep 2019 - 07:01 PM ،،،

 The Southern Transitional council warned of the Muslim Brotherhood's interfering in the Jeddah talks and tries to trick the Arab coalition.

Member of the presidency of the STC Fadhl Al Jaadi said that under the guidance of the minister of defence of legitimacy Mohamad Almaqdashi and the governer of Mareb Sultan Alardah as well as General chief of staff Abdulla Alnakhie, the Muslim Brotherhood Party continues to equip its forces with heavy weapons towards Shabwa governorate.
Al Jaadi added in a post on his Facebook, ‘ At a time when we respect the Saudi call for talks, we continue to record those movements. Our forces will not stand idle, we have the power to defend ourselves’.

Member of the presidency continued, ‘We are warning all the dark forces who are trying to interfere in the talks in Jeddah and cheat the Arab coalition, as usual, we warn them of the consequences of playing with fire if they attempt to damage the Arab coalition’s efforts in confronting the Houthi militias.