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Wed - 11 Sep 2019 - 04:32 PM ،،،


 Nine Houthi fighters were killed and dozens injured when fierce clashes renewed between the Houthi militia and the Southern Joint Forces north of the coastal city of Aden on Tuesday night.

The fighting in Al Dhalea province raged around the villages of Al Zubairiyat, Al Reibi and eastern Al Fakher. The fighting broadened to the villages of Habeel Al Dhuba and Al Shaghader in the centre of the Hajer front as Houthi rebels shelled the areas, Col Haiytham Qasim, a field commander in the Southern Joint Forces told The National.

“Our forces responded to the intensified Houthi attacks, using artillery and tanks to shell the sites of the Houthi rebels who found themselves under pressure of our heavy weapons, Col Qasim said. “This forced them to draw their fighters back after many fall dead.”

He said it was the most intense push the Iran-backed rebels have made in the last two months, “but it was totally foiled.”

The fighting continued for more than three hours and the Southern forces destroyed more than three Houthi military vehicles and a Soviet-era ZSU-23-4 ‘Shilka’ anti-aircraft gun in Al Reibi area eastern Al Fakher.

The Houthi rebels have moved a large number of reinforcements to the fronts in Al Dhalea province in the recent days.

Cpt Majed Al Shouaibi, the spokesperson of the Southern Joint Forces, told The National that over the last three days, the new reinforcements and weapons have been arriving from Damt and Ibb province.