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 United Arab Emirates State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said Saturday that his country supports Saudi Arabia in calling Yemeni parties to dialogue.

In a tweet, he added that Saudi Arabia is leading the Arab coalition with complete patience and competency.

The UAE had met the call to join Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen, which helped cement a firm regional partnership, he continued.

“The common challenges we are facing are in safe Saudi hands and we stand by its call for dialogue” as the UAE had stood by it in the past, Gargash said.

The Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Muhammad Al-Jaber said on Friday that the efforts of the Kingdom and the Emirates are the main pillar in ending the crisis in some of the governorates of southern Yemen.

In a tweet, Al-Jaber confirmed that the Kingdom and the Coalition countries are focusing on achieving security and stability and supporting the legitimate government.

He added: “The Kingdom appreciates the sacrifices and bravery of the sons of southern Yemen in confronting the Iran-backed Houthi militias in all fronts. The sons of southern Yemen, along with their brethren in all the Yemeni national forces are spearheading the fight against the evil Iranian scheme in Yemen.”

He further said: “The Kingdom realizes the dimensions and complexities of the Southern Cause and its impact on the course of recent incidents in Aden, Abyan and Shabwah. We realize the difficulties the parties in the “Jeddah Dialogue” are facing and we value everybody’s keenness to engage in dialogue and avoid bloodshed”.